Sunday, May 20, 2012

Podcast Info Galore!

Holy cow! It's the year of the podcast! I am so excited to announce that I'll be the first guest on a new podcast called The Axe to Grind Show! This show will be run by my good friend Nate who is a member of the prestigious Hysteria Continues podcast (a must for slasher fans) and also runs the awesome Facebook page Axe to Grind's Horror Artwork. It will be a 30 minute show completely dedicated to made for television movies and will air at 11 am EST on May 27th (Sunday). I am both thrilled and honored to pop Nate's proverbial cherry while talking about my absolute favorite subject in the world!

And speaking of being thrilled and honored - I will also be putting in another guest spot on the Movies About Girls podcast on June 2nd! The show starts at 6 pm EST and I'll be stopping by around 8 for high jinks and hilarity. This time we'll be talking about the totally awesome flick Ghost World. These guys are hilarious, and make up for my not so funny jokes! Please stop buy and give us a listen!


Wings1295 said...

Sounds awesome! Can't wait to hear it!

Amanda By Night said...

Yay! I am definitely excited to be a part of both! :)