Friday, October 11, 2013

Update Part Deux

Criminy, this semester has really taken me away from all the fun stuff! If I was the Incredible Hulk, I'd start turning green and throwing chairs. Alas, I'm just a undergrad student trying to finish up her last semester. Not as dramatic, but it's all I've got to work with, guys!

I've managed to keep the facebook page hopping. If you aren't over there yet, please stop by because we're doing a Halloween Countdown and looking back at the list I made in 2010. I'm also posting old Halloweeen-centric TV Guide ads when I come across them, TV spots and other retro-tastic small screen treats. I also might have one or two reviews popping up here soon, but for now the life of the party is on facebook.

Oh, and twitter. I'm still live-tweeting along with Me-TV Network's Friday Night Movie of the Week. A couple of people have even stopped by to say hi, making my party of one a bit more fun! Thank you!

You won't like me when I can't blog
But for now, it's really all about how other people are celebrating the small screen! There's lots of fun to be had, so let's get started.

TV Confidential has done a great job paying tribute to some of the best people who made the best television. They have a couple of podcasts I strongly suggest you check out:

I think you all know how much I adore and admire William Link, the co-creator behind Columbo and one of the greatest talents the entertainment world ever saw. I was so excited to see he did this interview and then followed it up with this one.

Rita Lakin is an amazing television writer who worked on everything from Peyton Place to The Rookies to Flamingo Road to Dynasty. She's also a novelist and an overall fascinating woman. Check out her website for more info.

The above podcasts cost 99 cents, and are worth every penny. You can also listen to a gaggle of TV Confidential's other podcasts for free as well. Sample, taste and indulge!

No, no, no. Not when Michael Douglas calls. Just Michael.
And, on October 12th, the Spectacle Theater in Brooklyn is screening When Michael Calls in 16mm. Holy cow, yes, yes and YES! If you can get there, tell 'em Amanda By Night sent ya! Read my review of Michael here. Thank you David from Cinema Duh for letting me in on this event!

And finally, I read that Remington Steele is getting a new life as a half-hour comedy on NBC. This series will be a sequel to the original hour long drama/comedy/romance series and it will revolve around Laura and Remmy's daughter! Craziness.

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Wings1295 said...

I wish I had been able to follow along last night with you on twitter. Life just has other plans all the time, it seems.

That Remington Steele news is both amazing and mind-boggling! Who knows! But I would be willing to give it a go. Love a cameo or recurring appearances by Brosnan and Zimbalist, or even Doris Roberts!