Thursday, January 21, 2016

Podcast Info... Again

Hope everyone is having a wonderful 2016, even though it's been a bit of a sad and weird start to the new year. If you are a fan of music, you know what I mean. But, we try to keep it upbeat here, and celebrate nostalgia and overlooked small screen treasures of the past. As you probably know, I have a new-ish podcast dedicated to made for TV movies, and I've taken this semi-nerve wracking but oh-so-awesome adventure with Dan Budnik and Nathan Johnson. You can find all of our episodes on the podcast's companion website, or via iTunes (I figured out how to upload things to iTunes! Mini technological victories are sah-weet!). Please visit, and feel free to leave feedback about either the TVMs we are discussing that episode, or anything else small screen related you'd like to discuss!

Basically, this is the look of shock and awe we've had from all the positive feedback! Thank you!

Our next episode is dedicated to two iconic monsters of the 1970s small screen: Gargoyles (1972) and The World Beyond (aka The Mud Monster, 1976). Here is our contact info.

And, if you enjoy the show (fingers crossed!), we'd love it if you left some feedback on our iTunes page. If you hate us, well, maybe just drop us a line through our email. ;) Seriously, feel free to suggest topics for discussions, changes or additions as you see fit. We might not end up doing it, but we are definitely open to anything. Thank you!

It's lonely out there! Drop us a line!