Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Live Tweetin' for the Holidays!

Oh my gosh, where did November go? I can't believe how long I've been away from my beloved blog. The good news is that I'm only a few weeks away from graduation (finally) and will have a little more free time. Of course, I'll need to find a job and plan for grad school, but after the last few years of college and moving and more college and more moving, I think I'm up to the task.

But enough about me. What do you think of my hair?

Anyway, despite all the craziness that occurs around the last few weeks of school, I have been able to keep up my tweet-alongs with Me-TV's Made for TV Movie Fridays, and I'm having lots of fun. The brain break is much needed. So, because I can't make the Friday movie on December 6th (more on that in a sec), and because my favorite channel is not airing a TV movie this Friday,  Joanna from Christmas TV History and I are joining forces for a different kind of Me-TV live-tweet party on the 29th.

There will be no turkey here, no siree. This Friday, we're going to be watching some very special holiday episodes of The Dick Van Dyke Show (10 PM EST) and Twilight Zone (11 PM EST). So, all you need to do is stop by twitter, and "follow" @madefortvmayhem and @TisTheSeasonTV and get your Christmas started a little early (early by my watch, I've been seeing holiday decorations at the store for awhile now! Geesh).

Also, I made a date with the Italian progressive rock band Goblin for the night of December 6th. I tried to get them to move the concert, but they had other commitments. So lame, right? I'm so sad I'm missing this particular Me-TV Made for TV Movie because they are airing the 1973 TVM A Dream for Christmas. However, Joanna will be stepping in, and she's simply the most perfect person to handle this job, since she's, like, the Christmas TV expert. True story.

Join us!