Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Top Five Totally Hawt Game Show Hosts!

Although I loved watching them as a kid, it hasn’t been until recently that I really came to understand the great-googily-moogily-goodness of game shows. They are, in my opinion, the most interactive way to watch television. Guaranteed you’ll hear me screaming “Higher!” or “Lower!” when watching a good luck of the draw on Card Sharks. I can’t help it. It’s also one of the best ways to look at how people really looked in the 70s and 80s. Don’t get me wrong, who doesn’t love Kate Jackson’s turtlenecks, but seeing real people in bell bottoms with feathered hair is really the best taste of the way it was.

And let’s face it, a lot of game show hosts had it goin’ on! Besides wooing me with their groovy three piece suits, these hosts also had to exude a likability that actors didn’t. They had to make you like the person they were – not the character they were portraying, they had to be able to set the contestants at ease, and most importantly, they had to have a love of the game. Maybe that’s why there just aren’t a ton of hosts. Many of the most popular ones moved from game show to game show because they had a quality that few possessed. If that doesn’t up their machismo factor, then nothing does!

So, I humbly present the Top Five Hottest Game Show Hosts (and a little bit on why I adore them!):

5. Bill Cullen (1920 -1990): OK, maybe Mr. Cullen isn’t the first name that comes to mind when you hear the word “hawt”. But may I present these facts: Cullen was born with polio so he walked with a limp. He wore coke bottle glasses and sported pock marks from acne scars. He also loved a good pun. And my friend, he has hosted more game shows than any other host in the history of games shows (My fave being Blockbusters)! In short, he’s the American Dream. He overcame just about every odd someone could throw at a guy looking to be on television, and he became the number one most successful person at it. And to top it off, he came across as a sincere, likeable fellow. Therefore – hot. And that picture of him in the potatoes just makes me smile!

4. Bob Eubanks (1938 - ) & Jim Perry (1933 - ): This was a tough one, so I decided to make it a tie (confession: I just really wanted to add Bill Cullen cuz I love him so damn much!). Both Eubanks and Perry hosted Card Sharks in their different incarnations (as well as Bill Rafferty), but obviously Eubanks is most famous for ringleading the Newlywed Game, and for saying “Makin’ Whoopee!” I love that guy. Jim Perry is best known to me for Card Sharks. And for being Canadian. His version of CS, which ran from 1978 – 1981 had to have the greatest theme song ever! Anyway, Jim is also referred to as “Big Jim” because he’s over 6’ 4” tall! Both men seemed to put the contestants at ease and often made cute jokes while reading the questions. And Bob made silly faces! I guess I like that…

3. Chuck Woolery (1941 - ): The original “two and two” guy hosted a show I never thought of as a real game show, but it is one indeed. Love Connection, which has over 2,000 episodes (!) to its credit, featured people from all walks of life looking for love on the small screen. Love Connection was absolutely hilarious, thanks to some candid revelations from the contestants and of course, Chuck’s honest to goodness reactions to some of the more spirited dates! He found so many things odd and interesting and often took sides, while remaining a complete gentleman. Oh, and he’s hot.

2. Richard Dawson (1932 - ): Dawson is the quintessential suave guy. Charming and brimming with debonair style, he was never at a loss for words, always respected those he spoke to and had a genuine interest in people (mostly women judging by all the kissing he did on Family Feud!). He instantly put folks at ease on Match Game and his own show, Family Feud. He even went on to marry a contestant! Dawson may have started off an actor (Hogan’s Heroes) but the sexiest role he ever played was as himself.

1. Bert Convy (1933 – 1991): If you have ever stopped by my blog, you may have noticed I have a slight crush on Mr. Convy. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t. I grew up watching Bert as an actor and a host. I think my fondest memories come from the days he hosted Win, Lose or Draw, but since I’ve been catching up on my Super Passwords, I’m finding that the honestly hilarious Convy always exuded an indefatigable charm that often made him more interesting than the game itself. He was also king of the goofs, constantly messing up the game, and sometimes even forgetting what he was doing! This clip may well be his shining moment, proving that he could roll with the silliest of circumstances, guaranteeing to make even the dourest of viewers smile (and Rip Taylor helps too!):


Crafty C said...

That clip is HILARIOUS!! The game came to a freaking standstill for like 4 minutes. Man that is so great!

Love this post - and yes, nice and likeable is totally HAWT!

Sharon Haywood / The Haywood/Smith Family Bastrop Co,Texas said...

This is really nice and it's also history, I remember some of these game show host and I really wish that they had their deceased year on it because some of them have already passed on. But overall this is a great website.

Sharon Haywood / The Haywood/Smith Family Bastrop Co,Texas said...

Love game show host, and I wish these game shows would come back on they were really awesome