Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Larry Hagman!

That's right, my favorite cut-throat oil tycoon just turned 79 years young today! And I'm celebrating by... well, I didn't get to celebrate too much at all (thank you intense school semester), but I have been thinking about all things JR today and remembering what a wonderful and talented actor Mr. Hagman truly is.

Oh Sue Ellen, of all nights to get blitzed... Why'd ya pick JR's' birthday?!?

Not only was he Tony Nelson, the beleaguered owner turned hubby of the hot sexy genie on I Dream of Jeanie, but he was, as we all know, the greatest love-to-hate-'em bad guy that ever graced the small screen. Yup, that JR makes me smile while making my blood boil. There are many, many reasons to watch Dallas, which is simply one of the greatest shows of all time, but what would it have been without Larry? A bit of a let down, I suppose. I can't imagine anyone else in those horrible fitted ascots and safari jackets (oh, late 70s how you haunt us). He was always tipping the scales in his direction as he tipped that awesome 10 gallon hat. With a wink and a smile and a shot of bourbon, he was the go-to-guy for prime time entertainment.

I wrote a little profile on good ol' JR Ewing awhile ago (in fact I have a whole gaggle of Dallas themed stuff that is yours for the taking!), and I also wrote a review of a TV movie he made with Barbara Eden called A Howling in the Woods.

This one's for you, sir!

Is it odd that he's had so many roles in his career but when I hear his name I instantly think of not just Dallas but also his small, but pivotal part in Harry and Tonto, which is one of my all time favorite movies. It just goes to show what a memorable presence he was, is and continues to be.

Here's to you Larry! I hope it was the most wonderful day ever!

This is a pic from the short lived 70s TV series Here We Go Again. Must find... must find...


quizshowbob said...

Happy Birthday Larry!

aunt john said...

So who do you think would have won this match-up... the Ewings or the Harpers?

aunt john said...

Follow up question... could the winning family beat this team?

Amanda By Night said...

Hahaha Aunt John! I wouldn't pit anyone against the Harpers! However, I think the Ewings could definitely take on Miller and his boys. At least Sue Ellen could drink 'em under the table.

Thanks guys for stopping by!