Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Vega$ Pilot airing on Me-TV!

If you ever visit this blog, you can probably guess hearing that my favorite network Me-TV is airing the Vega$ pilot TV movie this week just about shot me through the roof (and back)! Not only do I love retro TV and Robert Urich, but Vegas is where I grew up and I have many fond memories of the stories from my excited friends who would catch Dan Tana roaming around our hood. Urich was a legend in our town. We loved him. I'm sure we still do. I know I do!

Anyway, I'll be live-tweeting the momentous event this Friday at 8 PM EST. Again, you can find me @madefortvmayhem

Does it get more awesome than this?
This is going to be fun, fun, fun! And perhaps this is an omen that Me TV is going to air the entire run of one of my favorite shows from the 70s? Fingers crossed!

Pensive machismo. **swoon**
Oh yeah, and look out for the 1979 TVM Return of the Mod Squad on November 1st! Seriously, not sure I can take much more of this!


Wings1295 said...

SO glad ME-TV is taking up the reigns of TV movies. I hope they continue!

Amanda By Night said...

I agree Joe! They have some fantastic programming! Except for when I watch General Hospital, my dial never changes!

Anonymous said...

This is good news...I wish MeTV would show stuff beyond just the 1960's. (And I'm not asking for 50's shows either.) Movies & series from the 70's & 80's, beyond some occasional, brief runs, would be great.