Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hey, what's up? I mean, what is up? An Update!

Just the kind of personal assistant I had in mind!
I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween and is celebrating their sugar coma with lots of good television. I can't believe it's November and we're already staring down 2016! Again, I haven't had as much time to spend on my blog, but there's lots of good things cooking, so here is a list of what's happening right here, right now!

I have a new slasher film review up at Hysteria Lives! I gave The Unnamable a rewatch and loved it just as much as when I was obsessed with it back in the 90s! Check it out if maniac monsters are your thing!

The Made for TV Mayhem Show is rolling along, and we recently covered The Midnight Hour, to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Next up is Bad Ronald and an early 80s sexy tele-thriller called Through Naked Eyes! Here is the podcast's contact information if you'd like to leave feedback! And dude, we're on iTunes!

A couple of weeks ago I was a classic television panelist on a YouTube series called Cosmoetica, which is hosted by Dan Schneider. I was accompanied by one of my podcast co-hosts, Dan Budnik, and Mitchell Hadley from the great It's About TV. Fun! You can watch below:

I've also been working on a few other projects, which has me stretched a bit thin, but in all the right ways (that totally sounded dirty, but it's not). Of course, I visit the blog's facebook page daily, so always feel free to stop by and talk TV. I'd love to hear from you!


Wings1295 said...

Busy! Downloaded latest podcasts, hope to listen soon. Hope you had a GREAT Halloween!

Rick29 said...

Fun to watch the YouTube and see/hear you, Dan and Mitchell!

Anonymous said...

To say that the late cable era (and I do think it should be called late, because cord-cutting is making the cable TV model obsolete) is the golden era of TV is both complete and willful ignorance, and a conceit that the culture of one's youth is the only culture of value.

There really are three golden eras of TV: (1) the early days of high-quality live drama and variety, (2) the socially-conscious days of 70's and early 80's sitcoms and dramas, and (3) the gritty TV dramas of today's me-too cable channels. So today's TV is, at best, one of three golden eras. It's almost as though you really need to specify genres when discussing the best of the medium, because while dramas hit their strides immediately, comedy didn't really find a voice until a quarter-century had past. The Sopranos and post-Sopranos era is strictly limited, in terms of quality, to the gritty, continuing drama, only one of many TV genres.

And hear hear to cable TV just leaning on the crutch of being able to broadcast profanity and nudity..."Look at my boobs, now where's my Emmy?"

Thanks for participating in this show! But stop mocking The Battle of the Network Stars!

Mitchell Hadley said...

Busy? You call that busy? :) Seriously, great pieces as always!