Friday, April 7, 2017

Oh my gosh! Will I ever have time to blog again... is the name of this blog post

Here I am, again, writing a post about why I can't write a post. It's a little annoying on this end. But only a little. I have a lot of really great stuff happening, and just wanted to update anyone who doesn't travel along my social medias, in case you are so inclined.

As many of you know, I have edited and contributed to a book coming out May 1st through Headpress titled Are You in the House Alone? A TV Movie Compendium: 1964-1999. This has given me a little bit of street cred and I find I've been very busy on the promotion trail. Here's what's up:

I will be discussing TV horror movies at the Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies in London on April 20th at the Horse Hospital. My talk is titled Tele-terrors: The Real and Imagined Horrors Inside the Made for Television Movie, and it's inexpensive and should be fun! I'll be speaking with Kier-La Janisse and Jennifer Wallis, who are two amazing people. So do it for them, if not for me.

To promote this talk, I recently did a couple of podcast interviews and appearances:

You can listen to me on the Last Horror Podcast
website | iTunes

The Kolchak Tapes Episode 2 (interview with me about TV movies)
website | iTunes

The Kolchak Tapes Episode 3 (I discuss The Norliss Tapes)
website | iTunes

Supporting Characters (an interview with me about my writing career and my life in general!)
website | iTunes

CompaƱeros (discussion of 1990s horror film The Borrower)
website | iTunes

Just One More Thing (talking about the later entry Columbo episode No Time To Die)
website | iTunes

I'm very honored to be featured on all of these shows, as I adore each of them endlessly. Everyone has been so great about supporting my TV movie love! I want to hug the world! Big shout out to Bill Ackerman from Supporting Characters who informed me that I was quoted on Shout Factory's DVD double feature TV movie release of Are You in the House Alone and The Initiation of Sarah! I've owned this double disc since it was released... How did I not know this?

I also had a short academic piece featured on Georgia State University's In Media Res page. I spoke a bit about female agency in The Initiation of Sarah's 2006 remake.

I will also be in the upcoming book from Spectacular Optical titled Yuletide Terror: Christmas Horror on Film and Television (check out Dread Central's article about it here). There's a lot of amazing people featured in the book and I'm beside myself with excitement! Check out Spectacular Optical's dedicated page on their website for more info!

And my good friend Lee Gambin recently announced that he's putting together a new film journal. TV movies will be included and I'll be in the first issue. Will give more deets as this project moves forward. He's also working on a book that I'm contributing too. Again, more info as I get it.

So, it's been quite busy. I suspect when I return from London it will quiet down a bit and I can get back to podcasting/blogging and the like. I've been watching tons of fun telefilms to prep for my talk, so I'm ready! But until then, come find me on facebook or twitter, or check out the blog's companion podcast if you haven't. Our latest double feature is a Tori Spelling Twofer featuring Death of Cheerleader (1994) and Co-ed Call Girl. It's currently on the website and iTunes! Hooray! 


Brother Bill said...

I've only had "Are You In The House Alone" in hand for about a week and I can already tell its going to be joining The Twilight Zone Companion, Stephen King's Danse Macabre and RE:Incredibly Strange Films as one of those books I'm regularly flipping through and consulting.

The poor thing--it's already looking a little dog-eared...

Amanda By Night said...

Hi Brother Bill!

Thank you so much for picking up a copy, and I'm glad you are enjoying it, and running it ragged. Also, honored to be on a shelf with some really great writing. Thank you again. Day made!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you're still checking your blog comments, but I've been following your blog & podcast for a couple of years, and I recently received the book, "Are You In The House Alone".

Given the fact that TV movies in general have become quite obscure, with limited VHS (new VCR's no longer exist, by the way) and DVD releases, and pathetic availability on streaming services, these movies would have literally disappeared from the planet without your and your contributors' efforts. This book is invaluable for any respectable television historian, along side such classics as "Total Television" and "The Encyclopedia of TV Game Shows".

The book definitely begs for a sequel, especially in regards to the 80's, and the 90's cable films (there are even a few erotic, horror classics that Lifetime has hidden in their vault that seem lost to history).

Thanks again.

Amanda By Night said...

Hello Anon,

Yes, I come on my blog all the time, but just don't have the time to post anything. Which kills me! :P THANK YOU so much for this lovely and thoughtful comment. It really made my day. I'm so glad you enjoy the work I do, and I'm honored that you mentioned me with those other two books, as I love them dearly (and use them all the time myself!).

Not sure what else to say, except thank you again for all of the support. I'm so happy and honored.