Saturday, September 23, 2017


Here I am, with yet another update, but I will posting a new review soon too! Hooray! I've really missed this place.

That's my name on there!!!
I think the biggest news that I haven't posted here is that I provided the commentary track to Shout! Factory's Blu Ray release of the 1977 telefilm The Spell! It's available! Please buy it! You don't have to listen to my commentary (but you know, if so inclined, go for it!), but we need to support the legitimate release of telefilms! This is just one of several TVMs coming out. Exciting times!!! Let's keep this rolling!

And, I'll be back in England at the end of October to present a short paper at the At Home with Horror conference at Kent University!

I've been running around the web-o-sphere like the devil! I've guested on a few more podcasts, was interviewed and contributed to an article (or two, I'm forgetting).


The Film and Water Podcast invited me on to talk about the small screen giallo Honeymoon with a Stranger
website | iTunes

Just One More Thing had me on in an attempt to figure out all that was wrong with the pilot TVM for Mrs. Columbo
website | iTunes

I also talked to the Aussie podcast The Sixth Dimension about the world of the telefilm
website | iTunes

The dog-eat-dog world of podcasting... or Hack-o-lantern?
And I got to hang out with more Australians over at the Dr. Snuggles show, where we talked about the direct-to-video erotica flick Emmanuelle Through Time: Sex and Chocolate
website | iTunes

I did a couple of guest spots on The Hysteria Continues, where we chatted about the classic telefilm Don't Go to Sleep, as well as one of my favorite late entry slashers, Hack-o-lantern!

Don't Go to Sleep: website | iTunes
Hack-o-lantern: website | iTunes
Patreon special episode Humanoids from the Deep: website

(*btw, Justin mentioned me on The Hysteria Continues commentary track for Madhouse! Thank you! That was neat!)

Because it's always 5pm somewhere...


I was interviewed by one of my all time favorite people, Jeremy Richey for his gorgeous print magazine Art Decades!

I was interviewed by Samm Deighan on Diabolique Magazine's website for the upcoming book Yuletide Terror! There's lots of talk of holiday horror for both the big and small screen.

The Austin Chronicle conducted a brief interview with me regarding a screening of Fantasies that I curated and hosted for the Austin Film Society! OMG. That was amazing. And a big shout out to all the people that showed up. We only had a few seats left when the movie started!

I was also interviewed by Vanessa Morgan on her site Celluloid Diaries. This one is about my book, Are You in the House Alone? A TV Movie Compendium: 1964-1999 (which is available on Amazon!). I would like to mention that Vanessa published an essay I wrote on the early 70s telefilm Locusts in her excellent book When Animals Attack!


I co-wrote an article with Lance Vaughan on a slasher I love, The Slayer for Kindertrauma!

I also did a Name that TV Guide Ad for Kindertrauma. See how many you can identify (answers in the comments section).

There's been a few absolutely lovely reviews for my book as well:

Starburst (OMG!)
Film Trap


I've got one or two more things coming up, and will post accordingly! Keep an eye on this blog over the next week because...

As I mentioned, I've got a new review coming (yes, it's true), and...

The Made for TV Mayhem Show is going swimmingly (the RSS feed is located on the upper right sidebar). We're reconvening on September 28th to talk about the ABC Afterschool Special. The big news is that this space will be hosting an email Q&A I conducted with Lance Guest! He was very kind about taking time out to answer a few questions from a goofy fan. So excited!

I feel very fortunate to be here right now, and I've gotten so much love and support from a lot of people who were once strangers. Thank you again for your patience with my blog updates and for listening, reading and/or whatever! It means the world to me!

Finally, I just want to say that I'm absolutely heartbroken over losing Bernie Casey. A wonderful actor, and mascot to this site, and a stalwart small screen companion. Thank you, Bernie. You are loved and missed.


Caffeinated Joe said...

Good golly Ms. Molly! You have been one busy person! Congrats on all of it, happy to be able to follow along and watch - and listen - to it all. Kudos and keep it ALL coming!

Lacey said...

I was sorry to read the obit in the paper that did not even mention this iconic part.