Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stuff and Nonsense

Wow, what a totally productive weekend I have had! Really, I was able to work on my blog, I (finally) posted a review at Retro Slashers for Disconnected, I worked out twice, saw Sharks in Venice and lots of Lifetime movies. I will be writing more about both Sharks and those Lifetime flicks for Pretty Scary so keep your eyes peeled, yo!

Also, my good friend Michael Ferrari finally got his crap together and started an awesome blog lovingly titled Cinema du Meep. It’s fab, full of love and features a look at all kinds of films as seen through Michael’s astute eyes. Bookmark and enjoy!

Ross from Anchorwoman in Peril joined the crew over at Retro Slashers and did a great Top Ten Best Slasher Movie In Jokes. It's rye, smart and all the things you have come to expect from our favorite Anchorwoman!

Kindertrauma did a fun review of Horror at 37,000 Feet because they also feel the TV Movie love. Check it out! It features a great still of Tammy “Sacrilege” Grimes. How I love her!

Also, on February 3rd, stop by your local video shop and pick up the new Friday the 13th documentary, His Name was Jason. And whatever you do, watch the credits, because I got a neat little Thank You credit, cuz I helped out a bit. Just a bit too, so I was thrilled to see the credit! So what other reason do you need to watch it?

And now, I’m doing laundry! Seriously, how much more productive can you get?!?

That's me! The name not the lady! I know you recognize her!

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