Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Random Factoids

Along my travels, I have come up with some neat-o-rooni television trivia. A lot of it is really random and doesn't mean squat, so I thought I'd group some of them together. Here goes:

Did you know:

In the early 80s, a made for television movie cost $2 million and a theatrical cost $4 million to produce...

Or, maybe you already knew this:

Fame is the Name of the Game (NBC, November 26th, 1966) was the first television movie that also served as a pilot (the series was called The Name of the Game and ran from 68 - 71)...

Perhaps you were also aware:

The short lived series Beacon Hill (CBS, 1975) was the Americanized version of Upstairs, Downstairs...

Hey, guess what...

48,000,000 watched Tiny Tim marry his bride on The Tonight Show

You should also be informed of this:

The ABC Movie of the Week came in #6 during the 1970/71 season and moved up to #5 for the 1971/72 season! YAY ABC! It was usurped by NBC in 1972/73 when the NBC Sunday Mystery Movie hit the Top Five!

Check this tidbit out:

During the 1977/78 season of Eight is Enough, it cost $350,000 to produce an episode. The 1978/1979 season cost $400,000 and the 1979/80 season cost $430,000. Not bad...

Who could have guessed:

... that to give each actress star billing in the made for television movie The Day the Women Got Even (NBC, 12/4/80) JoAnn Pflug, Georgina Engel, Tina Louise and Barbara Rhodes had their names featured on a rotating wheel?

More The Day the Women Got Even trivia:

The movie was a pilot and was originally called Every Wednesday...

And finally:

In 1977 9,341,000 color sets were sold as opposed to 6,090,000 B&W sets.

Who knew? Well, you do now! I have empowered all with more useless TV knowledge. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Kerry said...

Oh Amanda. I love you.

Anonymous said...

adjective: prospective

(of a person) expected or expecting to be something particular in the future.
"she showed a prospective buyer around the house"

NOT "perspective" . . .

Amanda By Night said...

I changed it. I do thank you for letting me know I had a typo, but I feel compelled to clarify that I know the definition of the word prospective (and perspective). I made a mistake. It happens. Again, thanks for catching it.

Wings1295 said...

Fun facts!