Monday, March 1, 2010

TV Family Reunions are Awesome!

Thank you Retroland for linking up to the wonderful TV Family Reunions the Today Show is doing this week. Today was the Bradfords from one of my all time favorite television shows, Eight is Enough! Everyone is looking good (especially you Grand Goodeve! Call me!) and it was a lot of fun to watch. There are two segments, the first is the basic Q&A featuring fond memories of the show. You'll notice the beautiful Dianne Kay is coming in via satellite and kind of gets lost in the shuffle, but never you mind, she's got some great stuff to say in the second, even lighter segment.

The greatest news delivered during this reunion: Connie Needham announcing that she's feeling great after beating ovarian cancer! I was so thrilled to see her looking beautiful and knowing she is healthy!

Tomorrow is the Partridge Family and Thursday is 227. Tune in and enjoy!


aunt john said...

Thanks for the heads up on this Amanda!

I spent the better part of a year in the '90s sans cable and the only channel I could pick up with the rabbit ears was a faith-based type station that ran the 700 Club and Eight Is Enough reruns.

RIP Lani O'Grady -- Mary was my favorite Bradford.

Mitch said...

I was just about to ask if Lani O' Grady was dead, but Aunt John answered my question. I hope that I can see all of the reunions on the net, because my job keeps me from seeing morning TV. I loved Eight Is Enough, and just about all of those siblings went through some serious problems in real life, so I can relate. Also, I kinda wanted Dick Van Patton to be my Daddy(tisk tisk).