Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hoy Cow! Sweet Hostage is on DVD!!!

Where have I been and what has happened to my excellent TV movie radar? Time to take it into the shop for fine tuning because I totally missed that Sweet Hostage became available through Warner Archives last week!

This is a somewhat controversial movie featuring an escaped asylum inmate (Martin Sheen looking pretty fine) kidnapping a young teen (Linda Blair looking adorable), only to have her fall in love with him. Only in the 70s guys. This movie aired on ABC on October 10th, 1975 and is based on Nathaniel Benchley's book Welcome to Xanadu (which I own but have not read).

It's great to see that Warner Archives is continuing their excellent TV movie output, and for the record, the non-TVM Killer Party also came out last week. I'm gonna have to quote KP's excellent theme song here... These are the best times of our lives.


highwayknees said...

Wow! That is news! Thought we'd heard/seen the last of that one! Now if they'd only drag their heads from their asses and release the profound pinnacle of artiest masterworks of TV movies: The Legend of Lizzie Borden. I honestly can't understand WHY that has never seen the light of day. Considering the wonderful performances, especially by Ms. Montgomery,and chillingly literate script. It would be a nice tribute to her legacy to show she was more than a one-trick pony.

C'mon already people! I mean REALLY.

Amanda By Night said...

Hi highwayknees!

You know what, I had thought that Lizzie Borden was on hold because of some legal issues with Borden's family, but I tried to research it and came up with nada. I think it's just that Paramount (who I read own the rights) is being all lame about it...

It is being remade, so hopefully a DVD release will show up to promote it.

Keep the dream alive!

And I agree, she made some great TV movies, but this really put her on the map!