Sunday, September 11, 2016

About the podcast...

Just a quick update to let you know that we're gearing up to record our next episode this Thursday (September 15th), and we'll be discussing our favorite made for TV movie actresses. You have time to let us know who your faves are, by commenting here, on our facebook page, or our twitter feed, or by emailing us at!

Our last episode was a bit of a test run for what types of TVM games we can play. The whole thing turned out to be a grand success and we've even gotten some of the most amazing artwork inspired by some of the answers. You can check out our show here to listen to what the following images correlate to, but really, just enjoy these mockup ads brought to the Made for TV Mayhem Show via our listener and great friend Shannon, who did an incredible job of translating our off the cuff made up telefilm synopses! And we'll be playing again soon (we might do a truncated version on the next episode).

Also, I've got a book review and a couple of blog posts coming shortly. I thought I'd get a break when I graduated, but life just seems to keep rolling along. So lame. Thank you all for sticking it out with me!

And yeah, I'll say it again... Stay Tuned!


Garnet McGee said...

Enjoyed your podcast. I would love to hear a podcast dedicated to the TV comedy or romantic comedies. We don't have rom-coms on the big screen anymore so it would be nice to revisit them on the little screen. I would also like to hear about all those social issue TV movies from the 1970's.

Amanda By Night said...

Hey Garnet, I saw your other comment on the podcast website as well, and we've picked two romance films (although maybe not romcoms) to discuss in the coming months. Comedies will definitely be coming up as well... but right now we're concentrating on Halloween and then probably the holidays. But these requests are on our list! Thank you so much for listening and commenting! Much appreciated!