Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sooner or Later (1979)

Network: NBC
Original Air Date: march 25th, 1979

In the unspoken language of “you know it’s going to be a good movie” dictionary (of unspoken words, of course!), any 70s Made for Television Movie that not only references Mandingo, but also references seeing it at the drive-in, is a pretty good indicator that you’ve picked a winner.

Case in point, Sooner or Later is just such a film. Far bolder than most TVMs of today, this movie not only suggests Mandingo as an awesome make out movie, but it also supports the relationship of a 13 year old Jr. High student and a 17 year old up and coming rock star. Oh, and it just keeps getting better…

Rex Smith is Michael Skye, the lead singer of The Skye Band who are already playing at malls all around upstate New York. Channeling a bit of Rod Stewart and a whole lotta Mick Jagger, Michael has the moves and a beat in his heart. He meets Jessie (the adorable Denise Miller), a newbie teen who has learned the art of looking like a drag queen. These powers come in handy when she needs to get made up to pass herself off as a 16 year old. After seeing him perform, she unknowingly becomes one of his guitar students. Upon their first meeting, he wraps himself around her and her guitar from behind and softly says “Let me do the fingering”. Uh yeah, this was on TV!

It’s a sweet romance, but the guilt is building up in Jessie and during a spirited make out session during, you guessed it, Mandingo, the truth comes out. Can he love a girl so much younger, if also that much wiser?

Sooner or Later is a fantastic movie. Written by Bruce and Carole Hart, who also penned the theme song to Sesame Street (!), this movie manages to be charming if completely preposterous. The fact that film actually supports the young lovers’ relationship definitely raises an eyebrow, but it’s handled in a very restrained manner, while still being slyly sexy. I mean c’mon, Rex Smith kind of oozes of sex, doesn’t he?


Mitch said...

My sister and I used to love this movie!! Haven't sen it since back in the day, would love to again. All I remember vaguely, is the girl getting on the back of his motorcycle or something?

Craig Edwards said...

THIS I need to see!

Amanda By Night said...

Sooner or Later is on DVD. See it now!!!

Anonymous said...

This was my first movie I played Arnie
The whacky drummer. The last show I produced and directed fairly recently
Is Small Miracles from the world wide best selling books.Judd Hirsch is one of my Hosts. I reminded of Sooner or Later. We had a good laugh. The next day, Judd brought in a VHS copy of Sooner or Later. I can't watch it.