Thursday, November 6, 2008


So, I've got two reviews for my two columns today.

First you can go to Horror Yearbook and read about the classic 1982 thriller The Seduction (you can also read it about it on Anchorwoman in Peril).

And I have a review of Hushfor my Lifetime Kills column at Pretty Scary.

I’m not sure what the life of writing looks like for me right now because tis the season… to work more overtime. It gets required of me around this time of year and you know, we all need a little dough, so I couldn’t turn it down. It’s frustrating because I feel I was finally getting on a roll, but it’s not like the internet is going anywhere.

Also, I found a list of potential ideas for articles/essays/reviews that I’ll be trying to (slowly) work on during the holidays.

Thanks everyone for stopping by and enjoy the new reviews!

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