Monday, July 6, 2009

Quincy, M.E.: Hot Ice, Cold Hearts

Network: NBC
Original Air Date: January 2nd, 1977

For those of us living in Los Angeles, we may or may not be aware that the local station KDOC, who refer to their station as the place for "Endless Classics," ain't joking. And they play the endless classic episodes in order, which works out really well since this faboo Quincy takes place on the 4th of July. Just as I was finally getting rid of that nasty hangover, Quincy raised a glass for the holiday, and threw a little murder in for good measure. And I'm drunk all over again!

This particular episode about a jewel heist, was 70s television goodness, which is why I wanted to mention it. Available on DVD, it would behoove all of you retro nuts to check out this episode because it is replete with 70s machismo and all kinds of other awesomeness. May I present my case?

The Uber hawt Andrew Prine (aka Machismo on a Stick):

The Uber hawter Stuart Whitman (with a gun!):

The delictable Marianna Hill:

The incredible Robert Alda:

The suave Fernando Lamas (in a super suave shirt!):

And - Oh My God! - Quincy's lady (Lynette Mettey), who has the hottest body ever:

Rediscovering this show has been a real treat. To read more about Quincy and the series, please stop by this awesome fansite and get your TV groove on!


Propagatrix said...

Marianna Hill! She of THE BABY and MESSIAH OF EVIL, two of my absolute favorites!

I once met Andrew Prine at a convention. Everybody else was telling him how much they loved him in V. I told him how much I loved him in BARN OF THE NAKED DEAD. He cracked up.

Amanda By Night said...

I've only seen Andrew Prine speak at events (three now), but have never had the courage to talk to him. My crush remains HUGE! He's so cool to listen to. A great storyteller, and still quite handsome! **Swoon**