Friday, April 8, 2011

Some Non-TV Goodness!

Got a few fun things going on at Casa By Night, so I thought I'd spread some good cheer!

Check me out tomorrow night when I return to the Movies about Girls podcast! We'll be discussing Streets of Fire, which I finally saw for the first time, thanks to this looming discussion we will be having. No doubt I adored it, so stop by tomorrow (Saturday, April 9th) at 8 pm. When the podcast is archived, I will add the links to both this one coming up and the one I did a couple of weeks ago (where we talked about A Vacation in Hell). It's been great fun thus far, so I am excited about tomorrow night!

And speaking of podcasts, I was listening to Hysteria Lives podcast #4, where they interviewed Curt Ayres from Mortuary and it turns out he was also in Midnight Offerings, which is mentioned. Also, there is a shout out to Deadly Lessons! If you love 80s horror, especially slashers, this is the podcast for you!

Also, I wrote an article on Slaughter High and bullying called When Push Comes to Shove. I had no idea how relevant this oddball slasher was! OK, maybe not totally relevant, but unfortunately bullying is way too universal for my tastes!

Don't forget to vote on the William Shatner poll! It's up all month! YAY!


Propagatrix said...

Amanda, have you seen MASSACRE AT CENTRAL HIGH? If not, do so at once. It's very you.

RaroVHS said...

Hi there!
I run a database of cult movies released in Argentina in VHS in the 80s and 90s:
Your site is great, I just added it to my blogroll.
If you like my site, could you please also add it to your blogroll?

Amanda By Night said...

Propagatrix, Massacre at Central High is on my list of summer movie watching. I've seen it, but it's been years. It needs a revisit!

Hi Raro, you have been added. Thanks for the kind words. Your blog looks pretty amazing as well!

Thanks for stopping by!