Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The People Have Spoken: TV Movies are In, In, IN!

I'm not kidding... Today just may be the official Made for TV Movie Day. I'm calling my representative.

The A.V. Club tackled the lost respect for classic television in their awesome article We Need a TCM for Television. It's mostly about series television but there is definitely some love of the oft-maligned classic TV movie. And for the record (and just in case you couldn't guess by my blog theme), I agree with every word. God bless and goodnight, right?

And as luck would have it, The New York Times, of all places also took on the world of small screen films in their article Made for TV Movies, Reborn on Cable. Sure, it's about the new, invigorated state of the made for TV movie, but there's some nice history in there, including a mention of one of my all time favorites, Seven in Darkness!

While I would prefer a return to the fun, sometimes sentimental (in all the right ways, mind you) world of TV movie horror and romance, I am thrilled beyond words to see so much attention turning to a piece of history which seemed all but forgotten.

And now I have a question, if the higher powers decided to actually give us a TCM for TV, what kind of programming would you like to see? Movies and otherwise. Please leave a comment and let me know what you want to see back on TV!


VoyagerG said...

I would love to see all the creepy mystery TVM from the era and the disaster flicks with all star casts.

Froggy said...

Here is a start http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ABC_Movie_of_the_Week

Download Movies said...

I would like to see sport events, especially NBA championship.

Analogmoon said...

I would run Gargoyles, Bad Ronald, The California Kid, Hot Rod, Genesis II, Planet Earth, and Strange New World.

Amanda By Night said...

Great choices everyone!

Froggy, I had to laugh at your link because that's exactly where my mind went as well!

I would also LOVE to see short-lived shows like The Adventures of Beans Baxter and Struck by Lightning... And every TV movie ever... :)

Analogmoon said...



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