Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cheers for My New Facebook Page

I've decided to close down my old Facebook group and start a Page instead because it has a couple of bells and whistles and looks more manageable. And I'm all about more manageable!

The above photo features the stars of Madame Sin, and I'm not sure why Robert Wagner and Bette Davis decided to become the groovy spokespeople for Jim Beam, but bless their hearts, I'm so glad they did. This photo is my mascot for the new page, for now at least, until I can get some other photos uploaded to the site. Please stop by and click like, you can keep up to date on all the retro-TV happenings here at my blog, and it's a great place for TV movie convo!

I also added some new links to the Movies about Girls Podcast section. I recently joined the crew for Blue Velvet and you can hear me do a pretty piss poor impersonation of Frank Booth! Hilarity will ensue, I promise. You can also check out their podcasts on iTunes.

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