Monday, March 5, 2012

The A-Team Meets Boy George and it was Butch and Stuff!

If you had any questions about how fantastically freakish 80s television could get, please look no further than Boy George's guest appearance on a 1986 episode of The A-Team. To this day there has been much speculation as to why such a testosterone enhanced show would invite the stunning but extremely androgynous Boy George to share in some of the fisticuffs. Well, this was the season that The A-Team found itself bounced out of the #1 spot of the night (that glory went to Who's the Boss and Growing Pains) and others figured it might be because Culture Club was finding a harder time scoring hits in a new poppy world of Til Tuesdays and Stacy Qs (see, the 80s was friggin awesome!). Regardless, it was sort of a match made in bizarro heaven.

Face (the uber gorgeous Dirk Benedict) mistakenly books Boy George in a cowboy bar. See, they were expecting Cowboy George and Face got all mixed up. But Boy George also thought he was going to play the Arizona Forum when in fact he was signed to perform at a dive bar called Floor 'Em! I'm not kidding.

Anyway, it turns out some of the cowpokes in town want more than a good night of synthesizers and tobacco chew, and they are plotting to steal most of the town's cash. Luckily, The A-Team are there to right the oh-so-many wrongs.

Boy George is clearly uncomfortable as an actor, but is still totally fun. The best bit is when he kicks in a door and then bends over in laughter (the editor did his best but you can see he is having too much fun). And when George decides this motley band of well armed misfits are OK Joes, he gives them the thumbs up and says, "Totally awesome, Hannibal."

Totally awesome, indeed!

You can watch Cowboy George on Hulu or Netflix.

I'm not even going to ask what Murdock was doing in Face's lap

Like myself, George can't even look at Face, he's so beautiful

Hannibal might be a master of disguise, but only when he goes undercover as George Peppard

C'mon cowpokes, do you really want to hurt me? Ha! I'm here all week.

BA fights for his right to wear jewelry!


Boy George had some kind of influence on Murdock!

Boy George approves of rampant gunfire as long as no one dies

**Sigh #2: Jon Moss**

Boy George puts Cowboy George to shame!


Joanna said...

MUST SEE TV!! Thanks for the heads up :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great blog, I sure wish I could write like you.

Good stuff!

Keep it up Amanda...

Pam said...

I totally don't remember this! I was going to say this was one of the weirder moments in 80s television history but not really; I can remember famous singers making guest appearances on popular shows quite a bit.

Amanda By Night said...

hey everyone, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

I agree Pam, there were a TON of musicians and celebs in general playing themselves on TV in the 80s. Facts of Life is the one show that keeps coming to mind (the Jermaine Jackson episode is a little disturbed, and remember El Debarge?). I think it's just the combo of the least butch person rolling with the A-Team... The music is awesome, of course, so that was all that mattered!

Anonymous said...

God, I miss so much Boy george in the A team, with Mr T, it was so so cool.