Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Read Bad Ronald on Kindle! And More TV Mayhem!

You only need to look at my blog to know I'm always a little behind the times... I just saw the Mary and Rhoda reunion movie last month for crissakes! But even I'm surprised at some of the cool stuff I've missed. For one, did you know the original novel Bad Ronald was available on Kindle for only $5.99?!? I only found out today when I randomly looked up the book... you know, for giggles. The paperback is also available for under $20.00! Again, who knew? I have lived most of my adult life assuming the book to Bad Ronald would forever elude me, and this thing called technology showed up, and here we are! Anyway, if you like TV movies, then you probably adore Bad Ronald, so I suggest picking up the book now that it's actually affordable! (and, in case you are interested, here's the link to my review of the movie).
Also, you might want to dig just a little into your pocketbook next month because the rare short lived television series Ghost Story aka Circle of Fear's first season is coming out on DVD!!! Holy cow. I wish I could take credit for discovering Ghost Story's exciting DVD release, but I actually got the info from a nice young man named Jeremy who frequents my Facebook page. Thanks Jeremy! You're a pip! Also, another FB page friend named Shamos has been giving his own love to the made for TV movie and I implore you to visit his Tumblr page called Shameful Clutter! It's pretty fab. He's also been adding photos to the FB page, so please stop and "like" it and then join us in all the Mayhem-ness!

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Crafty C said...

That is sooo freaking cool about Circle of Fear! And about Bad Ronald too - but I'm fine with just seeing the movie. Thanks for the 411! I am chronically way behind the times too.