Thursday, October 11, 2012

Alien Lover Screening!

Holie Molie people! It's happened! TV movie insanity is afoot in the form of Kate Mulgrew and an, um, alien lover! The fine folks at LOOP (Lost and Out of Print) in Berkeley are screening Alien Lover along with The Visitor this Saturday, October 13th at The Tannery!

This is a must! I just recently saw Alien Lover for the first time and was pretty blown away by it. And strangely enough, I also saw The Visitor not all that long ago... And again, mind blown. What a tasty double feature. Please stop by LOOP's facebook page and likey the like. Also, you can join their event page if you will be attending this fantastic screening (or just check out their website). And I'd also like to throw out a big thank you to Ralph Razzle Razzle Roullard for turning me onto this event!

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zmbdog said...

Nice! Do you know what kind of condition the print was in? I've only seen this as an old x-generation VHS dupe. The final shot in this is one of my favorites ever!