Wednesday, March 20, 2013

TV Spot Wednesday: 10 Reasons to Love Valerie... and So Much More!

Let's face it people, there is just too much to talk about when it comes to Valerie Harper and how much her work means to me. Since it's TV Spot Wednesday (normally TV Spot Tuesday), I decided to let Valerie speak for herself. I've posted 10 promos for her various television series and TV movies. I'm interspersing the clips with some quotes and bits of trivia for you... OK, OK! And some newspaper grabs... What can I say? I went crazy!

Which TV spot is your favorite?

Mary Tyler Moore Show:

Did you know... Valerie’s parents divorced when she was 17 and she moved around a lot. She danced at Radio City Music Hall while she was in high school.

CBS Promo 1973:

In her four years on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, Valerie won 3 Emmys!

Check out what TV Guide had to say about Rhoda in their 1974 Fall Preview Issue
Rhoda on Nick and Night:

Did you know that 52 million people watched Rhoda marry Joe, and their separation a short time later made the newspapers! David Groh said he actually received hate mail when he left Rhoda for his own sitcom called Another Day in 1978. Apparently audiences didn't want to see him married to another woman (Joan Hackett played his wife)!

From a newspaper article on Rhoda's pending divorce

 Rhoda and Phyllis 1976/77 Promo:

She received a standing ovation after taping the first episode of Rhoda.

Mary and Rhoda (2000):

On life after Rhoda: “You can be typecast in everyone else’s mind but you’re okay as long as you’re not typecast in your own mind, and I’m not.”

Can you believe it? 18 million people watched Mary and Rhoda when it originally aired on February 7th, 2000! 

When Mary Tyler Moore got married in 1983, Valerie Harper, Ed Asner, Ted Night and Georgia Engel were among the guests! 

Valerie Promo:

Valerie was well aware of how Hollywood looks at older actresses. In an interview she said,“The market value of actors goes down as you get older. A 16-year old is better than a 19-year old. We are pieces of meat. But we mustn’t regard ourselves as such. People see me as a product, a box of corn flakes. I fight not to be a product.”

Night Terror (1973):

Oh yeah, and check out this awesome review for Don't Go To Sleep (1982):

Along with Dennis Weaver, Valerie is the cofounder of Love is Feeding Everyone (now called Nourish the Planet), which is an organization interested in helping out the homeless.

Invasion of Privacy (1983):

Her theatrical debut was as a Hispanic woman in Freebie and the Bean.

Newspaper promo for People Across the Lake
Trailer for A Friend to Die For (aka Death of a Cheerleader, 1994):

Quote from TV Guide: “There’s a reason why I’m acting. “I’m saying ‘Look at me.’”

Newspaper promo for Stolen: One Husband
Silly Valerie didn't believe she had the right It factor to lead her own series. In an interview she said, “Why am I pretending to be a star? I’ll never be a star. Mary is a star. John Wayne is a star. I feel good about Rhoda, but I’ve left something terrific.”

There's been a lot of love going around for our girl Valerie, so I invite you to check out the other posts for the Valerie Harper Blogathon


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Crafty C said...

This is so great seeing all the promos here! Thanks for putting all this together. I think the Nick and Nite is my fave - mostly cause I watched Rhoda constantly on there through the early 90s and could never ever get enough of even the commercials. I also loved the one where they talked about the Morgenstern greeting. You shorten the first name to the first syllable and and Hiya before that and you get the classic Morgenstern greeting "Hiya Ro!" So cute!

I wish there had been a Brenda spin-off like that TV Guide article joked.

Great post Amanda!