Tuesday, July 9, 2013

TV Spot Tuesday and an Announcement: It’s Soapalicious!


I wasn’t joking when I said that soap operas were just like their characters – they never truly die. And it looks like All My Children and One Life to Live will be resurrected yet again when they return to television for a limited engagement on Oprah’s OWN cable channel! Beginning July 15th, OWN will air the first 40 episodes of the revived serials. 

I think many soap fans remember how we turned to Oprah when the shows were cancelled and she said financing them was not a feasible option. Well, times and hearts change and it would appear that picking up the shows rather than producing them makes it a much more viable option for OWN. While I was not particularly pleased with Oprah’s original rejection, I have to say this seems like a really smart win-win for both OWN and the shows’ production company Prospect Park. The largest obstacle going against the new shows is that some fans have been extremely resistant when it comes to changing their viewing habits from television to the internet. I hope this draws them in and if they are successful, it is possible some will move over to Hulu or that OWN will continue to air the shows. 

Oh yeah, and if you can't wait for next week, you can stream all the episodes for AMC here and OLTL here. Presto. 

All My Children will air Monday-Thursday at 1 PM. and One Life to Live will air Monday-Thursday at 3 PM.

Yes sir, it looks like love has returned to the afternoon, so I thought it might be fun to post some promos from the 80s. I do hope everyone tunes in to this 10 week run. We are proving to be a force, and while this may seem low on some people’s importance scale, it is imperative to note that when you organize yourself and others around something your are passionate about, you really can make a difference. And that's my pep talk for the day!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get our soap-promo-groove-on!

Here are some great promos for AMC: 

And here are some more for OLTL: 

And here is a double whammy twofer combo batch of awesomeness: 

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