Friday, July 3, 2009

I've Arrived!!!

Both Ben and I are very happy about it!

I woke up this morning to find that Richard Harland Smith of Movie Morlocks, the Turner Classic Movie blog, mentioned Made for TV Mayhem on his latest post!

Oh. My. God.

It would be an understatement to say it made my entire day. Hell, it made my weekend!

Not only am I excited to see my site mentioned so lovingly on a website as esteemed as TCM's but to be acknowledged in such an awesome way by a writer I have admired for so long now (Richard has also written for one of my all time favorite magazines, Video Watchdog) just means more than words can say. Thank you so much Richard!

Please pop on by and read his post. Along with my beloved blog, you will also find many reasons to read other cool stuff at places like Cinebeats and Destructible Man (that is, if you aren't already).

Thank you so much Richard!

In other news, I totally forgot to add linkage to my newest groove at Retro Slashers. I'm really getting into the world of Shot on Video slashers and have written several reviews (and have a couple of image galleries. Please stop by and look at these:

Las Vegas Bloodbath
Las Vegas Bloodbath: The Images (I just know you want to look at this one! And yes, that's sarcasm!)
Woodchipper Massacre (so far my favorite)
Sledgehammer: The Images

And I gave the greatly underrated Mortuary a little love too with a review and an image gallery.

OK, now it's time for Ben and I to have some alone time, dig?

Don't embalm me Chris! I love you too!


kindertrauma said...

A full-size tub in the same room with a brass headboard? I like your decorating choices Amanda! Congrats on the linkage... you deserve it.


aunt john

Amanda By Night said...

:) I can't take all the credit, Ben and I picked out that brass headboard together!

And thanks for the congrats! I'm very excited!

Laura Martone said...

Congrats indeed. Although I usually have no idea what you're talking about (given my ignorance of most vintage horror flicks), I'm super-happy for you. It's always nice to be noticed by someone you respect. :-)