Monday, October 5, 2009

News and a Bit of the Blues

Ack! Not only has Dark Night of the Scarecrow been postponed, but it looks like Werewolf is now on the backburner as well. According to this Dread Central article, Shout Factory is completely cancelling their release and Werewolf is now back in Sony's hands.

Actually, Mr. McKee at the fabulous blog Johnny LaRue's Crane Shot already mentioned this to me. I just ran out of time and only thought to myself today, "Oh, wasn't this supposed to come out tomorrow?" So, here I am the bearer of bad news and I'm all late about it. Lame, I know.

What a sad day, for Werewolf was truly a great television show that marked the competitive ferocity the young Fox Network had back in 1987.

So again, we just have to wait.

In happier news, I am pleased to announce that I entered an essay contest over at the awesome website Smash or Trash and came in fifth out of almost 100 entries! YAY! The subject was scary clowns, so you know the material was ripe. The essays were wonderful, and I highly suggest you stop by and read them all!

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VoyagerG said...

Wow, York really really looks like Jon-Erik Hexum on that Werewolf Poster!