Friday, February 12, 2010

I've Arrived!

YAY! I have a review up at the awesome website Hysteria Lives! It's one of my favorite sites and I'm so proud to be a part of it. A big shout out to Justin for publishing my ditty on a little movie called Meatcleaver Massacre. It's got Christopher Lee, a creature named Borak and a deadly cactus! Read the review, see the movie and enjoy!


Dr. Dunkenstein said...

Good review. It's interesting to see that Christopher Lee appeared in this. Not that he hasn't been in a few bad movies. Howling 2 and Police Academy: Mission to Moscow come to mind.

I couldn't help but notice that not to many people seemed to be killed via meatcleaver massacre. Truth in titles.

Here is where this post belongs. Don't know what happened before. I'll blame Borak

Amanda By Night said...

Hi Dr.!

Thanks for reading my review. It is true, there's little meatcleaver in this massacre. I kind of like the surrealistic vibe though. It's so psychadelic 70s! :)

kindertrauma said...

LOVE Hysteria Lives!!! How perfect that I should find you there Amanda! I've yet to see Meatcleaver but I'll fix that!-Unk