Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lists and Stuff...

So, Amanda By Night is on the move again! I am finally embarking on the sequel to my move across country. Tomorrow I leave my fabulous hotel and move into the new house, which has so much 70s charm, you'd swear Barbara Eden and Kate Jackson were living there! I'm not sure how much blogging/writing/whatever I can do for the next week or so, but I thought I'd throw some linkage your way.

The first link is to a great blog called Blanked as Ordered and the most recent post is about how the writer found his way to the world of slashers. The article is titled To the Kill, and apparently I helped him along the ride! This a great piece on one man's awakening to the beauty of the slice and dice. Enjoy!

And since summer is all but upon us (Oh, the humidity!), I thought I'd put up a link to an aritcle I wrote for Pretty Scary on the Top Ten Best Shark Attack Movies! The best part of this article was of course, the research!

And if that ain't enough to whet the ol' whistle, here's a link to my review of Shark Kill. TV movies at it's most biting! HA! I got a million of 'em!

And finally, here's a link to an article I wrote for Retro Slashers on the world of Psycho(logical) Slashers.

Whew! Now back to leaving my world of maid service to wood panelled awesomeness. Fingers crossed!

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