Friday, June 18, 2010

It's William Link Day!

I have adored William Link since time began (well, since time began for me). He and his writing partner, the late Richard Levinson, made me the TV fanatic I am today. I have worshipped his work for my entire life and was so pleased to read a recent interview with him in the Los Angeles Times. His creation of Columbo brought one of the greatest characters ever given life to the small screen. It was a combination of the writing and Peter Falk’s impeccable performance as the peculiar, disheveled detective that won my heart and has kept it for all of these years. How thrilled was I to see Link has a new book called The Columbo Collection featuring twelve new mysteries?!? The answer: I was very, very thrilled! I just got my copy the other day and you can bet I’ll be diving in as soon as possible.

Levinson and Link

Aside from creating wonderful television shows like Columbo and Murder, She Wrote, Levinson and Link also made some of the most spectacular made for TV movies of a generation. They walked the line between moving and thoughtful dramas (The Execution of Private Slovik, That Certain Summer) and popcorn thrillers (Murder by Natural Causes, Rehearsal for Murder) with considerable ease. The work Mr. Link and his partner did for television in what I consider its golden era is something to be celebrated… and I celebrate Mr. Link every day.

Check out William Link’s IMDb page and drool!

Btw, isn't Peter Falk frickin’ adorable!


Staci Layne Wilson said...

...And just one more thing... I love Peter Falk!

Thanks for the great blog (as always).


LaraAnn said...

Mom and I love Columbo and Murder She Wrote. Thanks for responding to my Riptide comment.

DGM said...

Peter Falk IS adorable. Have you ever looked at any of his artwork?

And I'm all over that new book by Link. Thanks for the heads up!

Amanda By Night said...

Dan, I LOVE Peter's art. It's so amazing, just like the man...

I've started reading the Columbo collection and am quite enjoying it! I can hear Peter's unmistakable voice in all the dialog!

Thanks everyone for commenting. I'm so happy to see the love of Link is going strong!!!