Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Movin' On Part 2

Seems like it was just yesterday I posted that I was moving, and here I am doing it again. After only a little over a year in Maryland, I'm picking up stakes again and heading to another city. I will miss certain things. Mostly Antenna TV, since it's not available in Pittsburgh. But everything else is coming up roses.

As per my usual style, I'm not sure when I'll be able to post because packing manages to take up all my time and suck up all my energy. I should be settled in by the middle or end of June, so let's see what happens then. I have a special theme week coming up and I truly hope I can meet the deadlines I set for myself.

For now, please check out the following links:

The full trailer for the Don't Be Afraid of the Dark remake is up! I think I like the teaser trailer better, but I'm still really looking forward to the big screen updo.

I'll be honest, I don't like the idea of making it about a little girl when the original could easily be said to be a comment on the isolation and stagnation of women who were expected to be housewives and nothing more, but then again, that's not a modern day problem. Del Toro is amazing with kids, so I'll hold off on criticism. Although he's not directing, if anyone can make this movie friggin' excellent, it's him. I'm so glad he has a hand in this! And a big thanks to Camp Blood for the heads up!

And for you Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mysteriesfans (and aren't we all?), here is an excellent article by David Konow over at Den of Geek. C'mon season three, please come to DVD, like, tomorrow so I can love you the way you deserve!

Finally, please check out my latest review at Retro Slashers for a TV movie called Fantasies. I actually wrote about Fantasies for my blog back in 2008, but I wanted to revisit it after the news that we are losing both All My Children and my story, One Life to Live, which I have been watching for 30 years! That's a whole other blog post which I hope to get to soon. I've actually written something but it's so dang angry, I just don't even want to proof it! I'll wait til I move to revisit my frustration!

OK everybody, let's keep Movin' On!


Pam said...

Hey, it's my first boyfriend, Shaun Cassidy! Woo hoo hottie! :)

But more importantly, good luck with the move!

Sad Nomad said...

The creepy voices are always too clear and digitally sounding in movies now -- as if the netherworld uses Dolby Pro Logic...

Raglan said...
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Amanda By Night said...

Pam, glad you like Shaun, cuz I'm a Parker girl. I couldn't stand the competition! And thanks for the well wishing!

Sad Nomad, I read your comment to my husband. It's hilarious... and so true!

Thanks for commenting guys!