Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Radio Show about TV Movies!

Sorry for the late notice, but I just heard that the radio series, TV Confidential is going to be discussing TV movies tonight! Yes, yes, and YES!

From their website:

"Joseph Dougherty and Dan Farren will join us in our first hour for a roundtable discussion on the made for TV movie — a staple of television for more than four decades (particularly during the era of The ABC Movie of the Week) that has all but disappeared from network TV in recent years. We’ll talk about that, but we’ll also take a look at some of the great Movies of the Week from the 1970s that have stayed with us for one reason or another." 

Check out the rest of the deets here. TV Confidential airs in several cities and can also be accessed through iTunes, so don't forget to tune in!

And thank you Dominic for bringing this to my attention! Always love the TV movie love!

Update (6/11/2013): TV Confidential posted links to their discussion, and you can access their show by clicking either here, here or here (if you're using the iTunes option, look for the show that is labeled with the date 5/28/13). Enjoy!


vwstieber said...

Arguably, cable TV networks have picked up the banner of the made-for-TV movie from the networks. Sci-Fi (excuse me: SyFy) made some fun movies in their earlier days, before farming it all out to Asylum. Also, has produced copious amounts of cheez for the inclined viewers. And don't forget the likes of HBO & Showtime. While there is no longer an ABC Movie of the Week, the tradition continues :)

Amanda By Night said...

Hi vw! Thanks for stopping by!

I totally agree that the tradition continues, although I think pay TV gets to cheat since they aren't beholden to the FCC. I was just thinking about a DGA presentation I went to where they showcased the TV movie but featured almost only pay cable flicks, which sort of upset me. I know the product is better in a more traditional filmic sense, but I miss the old 74 minute network product.

And man, did I LOVE Sci-Fi before SyFy. Not a fan of Asylum at all. Also, when I had cable, it was almost exclusively on the Lifetime Movie Network! Wifecrime made me giggle, btw!

But you are so right, there are still TV movies being produced every year, and many of them are definitely worth giving a look!