Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Seven in Darkness: The Golden Chalice

Seven in Darkness seems to be the one TV movie that no one has been able to locate. It originally aired in 1969 and is actually the first original film in the ABC Movie of the Week releases.

I have probably seen this movie half a dozen times, and all before I turned 7 years old. I don’t remember much about it except that it stars Milton Berle and it’s about a plane crash in the forest where the only survivors are blind.

That’s right. I did not stutter. Milton. Berle.

The premise is top notch and I remember being so enraptured by it.

I did a random Google search and found very little about Seven in Darkness and the IMDb message board is basically just a bunch of lost souls like myself searching for this movie. I couldn’t even find any pictures of it to feature here. Hence the cartoon Chalice. I'm so clever...

Still, I thought it was a film worth mentioning because I’d love to know if anyone else out there remembers it and I would also like to know if anyone knows were I can find it.



bostongirl said...

I posted a friend request. I thought I better leave another message here. I FOUND "SEVEN IN DARKNESS". Here is the address toll free number is 1-800-440-2960. He is in Canada. Nice guy. Thanks again Amanda for the nice ad for Dial Hot Line. No luck so far. I will reconnect with you on facebook. Good luck. Amy

Craig Edwards said...

I had never heard of this - but as the first ABC Movie of the Week it certainly has historical value - did you ever track it down - possibly with the help of Amy up above?

Amanda By Night said...

I did find Seven in Darkness, but not through Amy. I don't even remember this comment, so my apologies Amy that I did not respond.

Here is my review of the TVM: