Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad...

...You take them both... And there you have… Amanda’s Facts of Life!

I’m currently not online at home so I have to do all my writing on my lunches and breaks which sucks because you know I like to eat and stuff. Geez.

Capturing images and adding them to a review is not feasible for me at the moment. So you might not be seeing much in the world of Made for TV Mayhem, because most of the reviews I’ve done (well, the two I’ve written and not posted) need captures or there would be no images! Lame obscure movies!

However, I do have a couple of new things up elsewhere:

You can read my newest review for my Not So Basic Instincts column. This time I look at Body Chemistry III: Point of Seduction. No worries if you haven’t seen the first two (I mean, in case you were actually worried!).

Also, I did a little retrospective for Retro Slashers on The Unnamable and its sequel, both of which I love, love, LOVE.


I’ll try to find some interesting TV Movie stuff to fill up the space until I can get back online. It’s scarce though. How sad is that?!?

Make it better Mrs. Garrett!


Craig Edwards said...

I'm very pleased to hear you still have access to the posts that are now gone thanks to the sites folding - don't worry about time constraints - get them up in a new format when you have a minute to breathe! Cheers!

Amanda By Night said...

Thanks! I actually posted a few of them here:


It's all a work in progress... It just takes time to get it all uploaded and then I try to re-edit them... One day I'll get this writing thing straight! :)

And thanks for your interest!