Monday, August 17, 2009

The Bermuda Depths is on DVD! Who Knew?!?

Someone simply posting as "Anonymous" tipped me off to the fact that The Bermuda Depths came out on DVD the same day Don't Be Afraid of the Dark was released by Warner Archives!

I have to go back to what I said the other day, nice marketing campaign! Sarcasm intended.

Big thanks to Anon for cluing me in on this. The Bermuda Depths is a visually striking and haunting poem of a film. It has struck a cord with more than one latch key kid and seemed to be one of the most elusive television films floating around the ether. Well, now it's here and hopefully it's here to stay!

Check out this news article from Dread Central. And now go pick up your DVD! Now!

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Ross Horsley said...

The fact that the Warner Archives won't deliver outside the US is killing me... KILLING ME!