Monday, August 17, 2009

Bad Ronald is Coming to DVD! Warner Archives Needs a New PR Company!

Alright, Warner Archive word of advice, PROMOTE your movies. You've got a lot of good, obscure titles available on DVD. A lot of titles you can make money by selling, but first we must know they are available. It's simple, really.

Shoot, Bad Ronald will be available starting tomorrow through Warner Archive. It's an awesome movie, one of my all time favorites. Read my review, then go pick up your copy, dig?


kindertrauma said...

Word Amanda!

They need some help in PR department, and would it kill them to partner up with, say, Amazon?

It also saddens me that they aren't remastering these chestnuts.


aunt john

Tower Farm said...

Wow...I had no idea "Bad Ronald" was out on DVD! You're so right...someone needs to be promoting these. My partner always says this one was one of the great TV movies of his childhood...