Monday, August 24, 2009

Werewolf: The Series Coming to DVD!

Thanks to Temple of Schlock for reminding me that Werewolf is going to see the light of day! Although I don't remember the episode storylines that well, I certainly have fond memories of this fun riff on The Fugitive, which I found to be utterly amazing when I was a wee little Amanda By Night. Temple wrote this informative article about the show, which is due out on DVD on October 6th, and I would rather direct you there, since my memories mostly revolve around the lead actor, John J. York, who is absolutely yummy!

A tasty morsel!

I found this great Fan Site which will help you count down the days until this awesome show gets its second shot! YAY!


Marty McKee said...

This has been pushed back to 2010, due to some music issues :(

Mark Watson said...

Werewolf comes to DVD - be sure to
buy it in time for Halloween!

Matt-suzaka said...

One of my favorite TV shows from when I was a kid…I used to draw a pentagram in the palm of my hand with a fat red marker and put fake blood on it to pretend I was turning into a Werewolf! I cannot wait for this to make it out on DVD…I may have some on tape somewhere. A good buddy of mine bought some bootlegs of the show at a con a few years back, and I borrowed them and they held up pretty well…the first episode is a real good one and I actually have the comic that went along with it!

VoyagerG said...

I don't quite remember this series, I know I used to be a fan of 'She wolf of London' I just have to say that John J. York really resembles Jon-Erik Hexum, they are both so handsome.

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