Monday, November 9, 2009

More Trivia! Columbo Style!

Did you know...

...that Lt. Columbo was originally played by another actor? Whoa. How could anyone besides our beloved Peter Falk fill those wonderfully quirky shoes (or rather trenchcoat)?

I guess we all think of Columbo as a pretty happening late 60s/early 70s kind of dude, but he actually made his mark all the way back in 1960 on a series called The Chevy Mystery Show which featured unique conundrums every week (not completely unlike the NBC Mystery Wheel concept Columbo was made famous on. Every week was a total stand alone episode, featuring only one or two main characters who rotated during the season). An actor named Bert Freed got the distinguished honor of giving this guy life.

I won't pretend to know more than that, but check out this Columbo fansite where they pretty much give you all the goods you could ever want to get on the subject.

Now I have to ask, is this the man I fell in love with?


VoyagerG said...
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VoyagerG said...

never knew that about Columbo! Still, the part is owned by Peter Falk. I love him too. I'm so sad to know he has Alzheimer's disease and he doesn't even remember playing the role. :( But, I'm happy that many of the Columbo movies are on Netflix and you can watch them online too. Thanks for the fansite link. I'll have to check that one out.