Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Must See Streaming Movie of the Week: Pleasure Palace (1980)

You just have to love all the glamour that is Netflix. Streaming movies just got a little more lush with this fancy-schmancy tele-flick called Pleasure Palace, which originally aired on NBC on October 22nd, 1980.

Here's the synopsis (courtesy of Netflix):

A professional gambler (Omar Sharif) puts his skills and sophistication to the test under the watchful eye of a mysterious woman (Victoria Principal), all to help the owner of Caesar's Palace (Hope Lange) hang on to her assets. In the end, a high-stakes card game will decide the casino's fate: Will its ownership remain unchanged, or will it be snatched up by the wealthy businessman (J.D. Cannon) waiting in the wings?

And here are five reasons it's glamorous:

1) Omar Shariff plays a guy named Louie Lefevre

2) He has a friggin man servant!

You rang?

3) It's got gamblers who wear tuxedos - no chinsy leisure suits here

4) Hope Lange is just as lovely as Victoria Principal

5) And location, location, location. It just looks so good

I'm in love!


Propagatrix said...

Omar Sharif can hang onto my assets anytime he wants to.

Amanda By Night said...


You got that right, sister!

Anonymous said...

You got that right, sisters!