Friday, November 13, 2009

Vega$ on DVD!

OK kids, before we go too crazy, this release of Vega$ on DVD is just Volume One of Season One. I can't say I'm really hip on this new version of releasing TV shows on DVD, but I've been waiting for Vega$ to become available in some format for about as long as I can remember.

The show, which ran three seasons holds a special place in my heart. Being a kid in 70s Vegas, I remember the hubbub over this show and grew up hearing my schoolmates say things like, "Yesterday Dan Tana drove past us on the freeway!" It was no less than awesome.

The show itself I hardly remember, except to say the cast was uniformly great, Greg Morris is a babe equal to Urich and Bart Braverman is the shizz-nit.

I did a cursory search to see if maybe this was available for streaming, but alas, you have to Netflix or buy. It's worth it though. It's one of the great late 70s cop shows. One that hardly gets the note it deserves and it's an excellent chance to remember both Morris and Urich, two wonderful men who left us way to soon.

Piece of trivia: Greg Morris apparently loved living in Vegas because he stayed there until his death in the 90s.

The thing about Vegas is that it's a city that is ever-changing, and with the release of this long-awaited DVD, I feel like I can actually go home again.

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