Friday, November 26, 2010

Must See Streaming TV: The Facts of Life!

I usually save my Must See Streaming TV moniker for any crazy good TV movies I find online, but I was so jazzed to see Facts of Life on Hulu that I thought I'd make a special post. I do believe Facts of Life has been streaming off an on for awhile, but it was just recently I re-caught my obsession for all things Blair! There are currently 22 episodes available, but what just about sealed the deal of totally crazy awesomeness was that they are running one of my all time favorite Very Special Episodes called Runaway, which featured a young Tammy Lauren as a teenage hooker attempting to lure Tootie to the dark side!

Luring young virgins, one cup of cocoa at a time

As if her teenager-y hooker-via-Flashdance look wasn't enough, this cautionary episode is so absolutely serious that when I first saw it, I quickly learned to beware of any friendly teen with feathered hair, a rabbit fur coat and leg warmers. This may have certainly saved my life.

There's a few of the classic episodes streaming right now, but this is the only one I've been able to sit down and enjoy. I'm really looking forward to watching Fear Strikes Back, which is the infamous Natalie-dresses-like-Chaplin-and-gets-accosted episode! Good stuff indeed!


Jenny Tonic said...

NICE! And those are the good eps when Blair had the flippy Kelly Garrett Angel hair! Was so disappointed when it turned into a feather mullet-esque type style.

Pam said...

One of my favorite shows from my pre-teen years...that and One Day At A Time!

You know what's amazing is how this show approached controversial topics at the time. You mentioned the hooker who tried to lure Tootie, but another episode I distinctly remember dealt with anorexia/body issues. I believe it was Tootie who was in danger of starving herself. Now how come sitcoms today don't portray these topics at all? All they do is focus on marriage and kids and other boring topics.

phairhead said...

my god, this brings me back to a simpler time :D


Amanda By Night said...

I'm crazy obsessed with this show right now. I just watched the one where Jo, gulp, shoplifted! Mrs. Garret to the rescue! :)

Pam, they really don't have "special episodes" anymore, at least on the networks, probably because the teens don't get as much of the spotlight anymore. Maybe on a show on Nickelodeon? I dunno. I miss 'em...

VoyagerG said...

The comments here are right. There are no 'A very special' episodes on TV. I'm going to venture to say that it's because teens are so 'MATURE' and 'grown up' these days, that the stuff dealt with on tv in the seventies and 80's nearly pales in comparison to what's being done by teens today, it's incredible. Thanks again for another great heads up!