Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Finally... A New Poll!

OK everyone, here I am, making another sporadic appearance on my beloved blog. This semester has been nothing short of insane, so I haven't really had a chance to watch any movies, much less review them.

These are trying times, indeed.

I did get a new poll up and I chose the same October scary movie theme that I tend to choose every year. Please vote for whatever you think is the scariest of the scary movies I have listed. OK, KISS Meets Phantom of the Park is scary for all the wrong reasons, but it made the list, so there! And of course, I'm sure I missed something uber-important, because that's my MO. So please feel free to let me know in the comments. I can't add anything though, but I will tally it. All voices are heard at Made for TV Mayhem. Deal with it!

Also, last year I did something that was akin to the 31 Days of TV Movie Horror or some such, and you can find the titles I chose by clicking on this link. Some other stuff got tagged in there, so... bonus, right?

And for more October scary movie goodness, here is a list I put together for Film Threat a few years ago. I link to it every year so you may have seen it...

I also have a theme coming up and I am thinking it will last around 2 weeks. Hopefully, I can cram some other stuff in there, but this theme is a co-op effort with myself and several other bloggers/writers and awesomely cool people. So keep your eyes peeled for it!


David Felter said...

A', though I haven't seen all the films on the list, I have to go with 'Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark', as it still gives me the heebie-jeebies (sp?). I'll be digging it out again this year (provided ALL the lights are on) :)

Ross Horsley said...

Summer Of Fear *JUST* beat out DBAOTD for me, although I haven't seen all of them.........Yet!

Dylan said...

It seems there's a few titles that always get listed as 'scariest made for tv horror'

Dont Be Afraid of the Dark
Trilogy of Terror
Dark Night of the Scarecrow(I think)

not sure bout that last one : ) Happy Halloween!

Amanda By Night said...

Hey guys, thanks for voting.

Dylan, the three you listed are indeed tops, and surprisingly only one came out in October (in the 70s... I do think Dark Night was October of 81).