Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dallas on the Family Feud

It was indeed a truly wonderful moment in TV when the cast of Dallas joined Richard Dawson, along with Eight is Enough (well, in this case five will do just fine) and the crazy crew at One Day at a Time for game show mayhem! The air date was Monday, October 8th, 1979 and several shows, including the ones mentioned and Benson (of man, I adore Benson!) all gathered to raise money for their favorite charities. The Dallas crew went with Charlene Tilton's charity, the Kennedy Child Study Center, located in St. Johns Hospital in Santa Monica.

This was the first time the cast of Dallas appeared on Family Feud and they took it all the way to the $10,000 grand prize! However, the highlight of the show happened when Richard Dawson said he thought he recognized Charlene and she told him a story about meeting him when she was seven. Apparently he offered her candy and a smile, and the dirty jokes flowed for the rest of the show! Charlene was only 19 during this taping and she seems both amused and slightly uncomfortable about the way the story unfolded in front of our sullied eyes. In short, it was awesomeness. Richard, of course, handled everything with just the right touch of humor and all in all, this is what we call great TV! Here are a bunch of images from the episode which available on The All Star Family Feud DVD!

Let's start The Family Feud!

The crew are literally holding up JR! 
However, the Eight is Enough cast look like they have problems of their own! 
 Here are the gorgeous Dallas contestants:
Don't fret guys, the Speed Round makes us all nervous! 
The One Day at a Time cast hopes to botch J.R.'s grand success 
Has Dawson finally stumped J.R.?
Nope! Even Mizz Romano had to give J.R. a hand! 
 Speed Round #2: Same actors, same success! 
 J.R. puts another notch on his belt! Only this time it's a good notch! 


aunt john said...

Was Lani O'Grady playing for the Eight is Enough team?

Wings1295 said...

That is just all pure awesomeness! Thanks for posting the pics!

Amanda By Night said...

John, Lani isn't on this episode, but I do think she's featured on this dvd set somewhere... Love her!

Hi Joe, glad you enjoyed it. It's a great episode!

VoyagerG said...
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VoyagerG said...

This was fun to watch! I love how chill Steve Kanaly was up there. And poor Charlene, Dawson couldn't keep his lips off her. He's funny but it seemed kinda creepy! I would have loved if Patrick Duffy played!