Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Your Link to William Link

Sometimes surfing the net brings great rewards. Well, it almost always does if you know how to search for the awesome. Case in point, I was looking for some info on William Link, who, along with his late partner Richard Levinson, created some of the finest television that ever aired. I was hoping to find a few tidbits on one of his movies and I discovered he now has his own website!

I think the word we would use here is overjoyed.

I'm not sure how new the site is, but I'm fairly positive that I didn't see it in 2010 when I was Link-googling-crazy after the release of his book The Columbo Collection. And what can I say, except it's about time that one of the greatest small screen filmmakers has an online place of his own. But that's not all folks, there is also a Facebook page dedicated to The Columbo Collection book (which is a wonderful read, by the way). Like this page and join the discussion.

Also, if you are as big of a Columbo fan as I am, you will probably want to check out The Ultimate Columbo Site, which is overflowing with tasty trivia!

And if you haven't had your fill of Mr. Link (like anyone could ever have enough of this awesome man), you can watch a short interview where he discusses Ellery Queen here.

Today is indeed a good day!

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