Tuesday, January 29, 2013

TV Spot Tuesday: Magnum P.I.

How could I let Tom Selleck's birthday go by without sending him a little love?

If you have been visiting my blog for awhile, you probably know that I am devoted to both Tom and Magnum P.I. It's kind of funny that I've never really written about anything specific about the series, but every year when Tom's birthday rolls around, I tend to look back fondly on my all time favorite private eye show.

I was a fan of Magnum P.I. from the beginning, but I didn't really get my Selleck-on until the series went into re-runs around the mid 80s. It's not like I had an a-ha moment or anything, but at some point my casual fandom turned to a psycho obsession! OK, maybe I was still a few crazy thoughts short of a restraining order, but I was definitely heavily involved with following Magnum's adventures in Hawaii. I loved the camaraderie he had with Rick, T.C. and yes, even Higgins, and I enjoyed that the characters remained fairly consistent throughout the run of the series.

But this is about promos, so instead of waxing poetic for a few more paragraphs I am going to post some links to two other birthday posts I did, which you can read here and here. I'm also making a mental note (and maybe a belated New Year resolution) to dedicate something to Selleck when it isn't his birthday!

Anyway, I love you Tom. Have a wonderful day!

And now for the promos:


Amanda By Night said...

I'm pretty sure you are spam, but I still love you!

Marty McKee said...

Ha ha.