Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm Going on a Hell Ride

Believe it or not, the newest Quentin Tarantion Presents project pertains to Made for 70s TV Movies. How cool is that?!? While I wish someone (someone like Tarantino actually) would remake an awesome TV Movie in the hopes it might turn on non loving TVM folks... well, scratch that. Most remakes suck... but you get where I'm going... I am thrilled to see that Tarantino's latest, Hell Ride has been directed by TV stalwart Larry Bishop. Bishop actually starred as Julian, the belligerent handyman in Condominium, one of my favorite characters in the movie. He also popped up in the other TVMs The Third Girl From the Left (1973), All Together Now (1975) & High Midnight (1979), as well as appearing on such awesome television shows as I Dream of Jeannie, Laverne & Shirley & Love, American Style. If I can put a little icing on the cake, Larry was also in theatrical movies with hot titles like Angel Unchained, Shanks and The Day the Lord Got Busted (is that the best title ever, or what?!?).

Larry is the son of Joey Bishop (who ruled on Match Game!) and is himself a huge hog enthusiast. Hell Ride also stars Michael Madsen and Dennis Hopper (an obvious but nice nod to Easy Rider).

Here's an interview with Larry at FirstShowing.net.

I'm sorry, it's geeky, but knowing that Larry had a big hand in Hell Ride makes me want to see it even more.

Catch it in theaters on August 8th!

Quite possibly the coolest poster ever!


Craig Edwards said...

I haven't seen this one still - what did you think of it?

Amanda By Night said...

Ack. I still have not seen Hell Ride. I was totally going to check it out when it was released, but for whatever reason, I wasn't able to see it. I kind of forgot about it until now. See, this blog is good for something! :)