Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shark Kill (1976)


Network: NBC
Original Air Date: May 20th, 1976

After Rick (Phillip Clark) warns rig divers that a great white attack is imminent, a shark immediately does some damage to the crew, killing one and maiming another. Cabo (Richard Yniguez), a co-worker and brother of the maimed diver, and Rick head towards dark waters to exact revenge.

Shark Kill is an unexpected delight. Fans of shark attack movies will find a nice addition here. The movie, although standard TV fare in many ways, is also an interesting precursor to Open Water. The two leads are pretty much thrown into every water disaster scenario (including just floating out in the ocean for a period of time) and in between they learn to understand each other and become friends. In fact, there is a bit of political agenda to be had with Shark Kill – Cabo, a Chicano, will beat the tar out of any white man giving him grief, but ends up showing a great lust for life and a need to survive as well as helping Rick, the polar opposite of himself, brave the rough waters too. And whitey ain’t so bad either.

Not from the movie, but scary, no?

There’s nary a shark attack after the initial assault, but there’s a couple of good moments and lots of great real shark footage.

I love shark attack movies. I just do. The good, the bad and the ugly all usually manage to find a place in my heart (minus Sangue negli abissi, which just blew!). I found Shark Kill to be particularly engaging and loved the use of real shark footage. That beats CGI predators any day! 



Scary Part II


I want to marry this picture!


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Craig Edwards said...

I love shark movies too - just watched Ghost Shark, in fact - but this one has escaped me - need to track it down!