Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lots of stuff TV Movie and Otherwise

So, poor little Amanda By Night is home sick today and instead of getting her 40 winks she's been surfing the net for fun stuff. And I found it!

I'd like to link you to some sites:

You will find some fun TV Movie reviews at Anchorwoman in Peril

You can relive your worst nightmares at Kindertrauma. This site is a friggin' hoot!

You can watch some truly weird oddities at Carrie White Burns in Hell.

I came across this site via Kindertrauma and saw they have a review of the TV Movie The Death of Ocean View Park. Go check out Johnny Larue's Crane Shot.

I also have two new articles up. One is kind of TV Movie related, the other is not...

Over at Retro Slasher's new blog you can read some of my work. Today I have an article about The Best Horror Movie Decapitations. Stop by and leave a comment. Lots of people are already listing movies I missed, and I'm thinking about another list to make it all complete!

I also have a Top Ten list of the best Shark Attack Movies over at Pretty Scary.

I've also been re-purposing some of my older stuff on my other blog, Retro Ectero. You will find a review of Impulse and my interview with the band Sparks.

Because I've been sick I haven't been able to keep my TV Movie groove-on, but I got things cooking for the MILLIONS of you who drop by!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the links!

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Craig Edwards said...

Cool link post! Way to share the bloggy love!