Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The above picture is of Shannen Doherty at the new 90210 Premiere Party. Looking swank, no? What a shame it was then that they only featured her for about 4 minutes. Nat and Kelly too.

I know, I know, this isn't supposed to be the 90210 we all came to love (or despise) in the 90s. Still, if you're going to get someone like Shannen, who by the way has all but single-handedly gotten huge amounts of press for the new show, then please use her!

I thought the show was alright, but I am committed to watching the next 3 episodes for Shannen, and Kelly's mum Jackie will be appearing next week. JACKIE! Love her!

Also, I was shocked to see a very stunning Linda Gray make an appearance. Next to Shannen, Sue Ellen is the woman who owns my heart. Kudos to the casting director on that coup!

It has occurred to me that Shannen has been in some great television movies:

The Other Lover (1985)
Freeze Frame (1992)
Obsessed (1992)
A Burning Passion: The Margaret Mitchell Story (1994)
Gone in the Night (1996)
Friends Til the End (1997)
Sleeping with the Devil (1997) -
I think this one is my favorite
The Ticket (1997)
Striking Poses (1999)
Satan's School for Girls (2000)

I'll stop there or I'll start to sound modern or something! I am thinking that I might take one month and on weekends feature a Shannen movie. Plus I've been wanting to do a comparison of the Satan School for Girls movies, both of which I liked for different reasons... I love excuses! 

So much Shannen, so little time!

At any rate, I have yet to be won over by this new version of the classic Spelling show, but many of my co-workers enjoyed it, so who knows? One man's Kelly is another man's Brenda!!!

OK, back to your regularly scheduled program.

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Craig Edwards said...

My last comment was about a TV movie I worked on with Shannen - and here in the next post you've listed cool...